G-Ad Packages

Below is our advertisement packages.

G-Ad Basic

The G-Ad Basic is a business advertisment package meant to reach your arget audience at a very affordable price. This package will include;

  • Blog Website for your business
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Youtube Account
  • Business Directory Listing
  • Free Classified Listing

Cost: 20,000 Naira

Deployment Duration: 2 days

G-Ad Basic Overview

This is the basic advertising package from Gintec which guarantes an online presense of your business.

This package announces your products and services to your target customers and taks your business to the online community with ease.

The G-Ad Basic Services Explained

A Blog website not only provide information about your company history, management, products/services, contact etc but also engages your clients/customers on a realtime interaction and communication on your products and services.

Clients/Customers can comment, share their opionions and connect on the blog website platform concerning the products/services you offer. This is a very good package for small businesses to reach out easily.

Social Medial Channels

All the Social Media Channels have their unique functionalities and uses to your business;

Facebook Page: not just an ordinary facebook account but a well customized page that can be used to connect to the millions of users of Facebook, organize and present what you do in a social media environment. This page can as well be promoted to reach out to more audience.

Twitter Account: The Power of Hastags and Online Followership can not be under-estimated. This can be harnessed with our customized G-Ad basic Twitter Account.

Google+: The most effective and sure way of registering your business presence on the most widely used search engine - Google. With our G-Ad Google+ account, you take advantage of the benevolence Google Search services. This enables googlers to see your indexed business and services online.

Instagram and Youtube helps for picture and video content promotion and sharing.

Business Directory Listing

When your business/organization is listed on the major Nigerian and International business directories and yellow pages, you are sure of being listed for prospective customers and clients to locate you easily. Free Classifieds is also an added advantage for your G-Ad Basic package giving you the opportunity to sale online.

G-Ad Standard

The standard package elevates your online presence higher that what our basic plan offers.

These includes a maintained and promoted review and publishing of your business products and services on the social media special platforms. This includes a dedicated response channel to guide your prospective customers and clients on how to obtain your services. When you are on the Standard Package - it means, you have successfully engaged us to announce your business online.

Features of the G-Ad Standard

  • A maintained content and reviews of your products and services on a customized blog page we will design for you.
  • Search Engine Optimized Contents
  • Dedicated Business Newsletter Account
  • Bulk-Email and Business Service Broadcast
  • One week social media storm of your major product/service
  • You also get all the benefits of the G-Ad Basic package.

Cost: 50,000 Naira

Deployment Duration: 2 Weeks

G-Ad Boost

Yes BOOST! and you know what that means to your business when you deploy us to do all the marketing and advertising of your business.

The G-Ad Boost mobilizes us to;

  • Develop a flexible enterprise solution for your business
  • Send Bulk SMS messages to your clients on your latest products and services
  • Publish Sponsored Social Media Advert for your business
  • Design and Host a professional website for your business.
  • Create a responsive online feedback and customer support center for you.
  • And also, give you all the benefits of the G-Ad Standard

G-Ad Special

The ball is in your court when it comes to our special service. The package enables us to develop tailor-made applications and systems to help grow your business. This includes;

  • Consultancy
  • 24/7 Support
  • Mobile or Desktop Application
  • Other relevant products as requested by the client.